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Berkeley: Chaya Sanchalanam Prelude & Asana Vinyasa

  • Berkeley Yoga Center 2121 Bonar St. Berkeley, CA. 94702 (map)

Berkeley Yoga Center - Studio C (see below for studio access info)

Jan 22- Feb 7th.
Tuesdays and Thursdays (6 classes)

Early Bird Ticket (ends 1/8): $120
Reg Ticket (after 1/8): $150

To Register Email:

Chaya Sanchalanam (Churning the Shadow Warrior) is the second of the Shadow Yoga Preludes. The spiraling and circular movements in this Prelude develop coordination of the limbs and the ability to rhythmically circulate the pranic force through the body. It removes energetic obstructions in the waist and legs, makes the body light, and promotes healthy digestion and elimination.

Prerequisite: Knowledge of the Shadow Yoga warm-ups dasha chalanam and jiva chalanam.

All Shadow Yoga courses require pre-registration. Consistent attendance is required.

*Drop-in sessions are offered to students who have already completed the same course or prelude. Please email before dropping into a series.

Drop-ins: $25/class

Accessing the studios:

Studio C is most easily accessed from 2121 Bonar. Go through the door, walk up the steps, and turn right; Studio C is a few paces ahead, on your right.

The access code is *YOGA (*9642). To keep the building safe and secure, please only let in other yoga students when you enter