If you don’t have a fancy YiXing clay pot you can use a small tea pot or even a strainer (if you’d like to get a pot down the line, let me know). I’d start w 5 grams (or one mini cake). Cover it w hot water (just under boiling works well btw 208-212 degrees) then dump that liquid out after 5-10 seconds. This is called the wash. It basically wakes the tea up and you can also use that water to warm the cup/s you’ll be using to drink. 

From there you do "flash pours" letting the tea steep only for a few seconds and immediately pour into the cups or a small pitcher with a spout to transfer into the drinking cups. After the 6-8 pour you can start to increase the steeping time by several seconds. This is an intuitive process that you'll start to tune into over time. If you can, keep pouring and drinking till it's basically water coming out

-Another way is to get a big thermos, do a wash & strain then fill with hot water. You can even set this the night before. When the thermos is 1/3 to 1/2 gone you can refill with hot water and keep drinking and diluting as such. I recommend trying to find a big thermos where no plastic touches the water like the Stanley Master Series. If you find something nicer let me know.

So ideally this is a zen practice. You keep pouring and keep drinking mindfully. Let it be a prayer of listening and receptivity. I suggest sitting with it every day especially in the morning before you eat anything. If you're super busy, that's where the thermos can be helpful. Let tea be the first thing you consume in the morning and drink often throughout the day.